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I live in Geneva, Illinois and enjoy discussing contentious topics (what's the point otherwise?). I am very involved in my community and historic preservation. I write here as a way to explore my own positions. I am a computer engineer that has been in the business since floppy disks had a capacity of 720 KILObytes...and were actually floppy. I am something of a science evangelist. If you like (or really dislike) what you read here, say so...and point your friends here. Thanks! The opinions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect any persons or organizations with which I might be affiliated.

What do economists REALLY want?

Those that read my blogs here might have picked up on my dismay that so much of society and politics seems increasingly indifferent to evidence and expertise as a way of determining what is true and what is not…what is … Continue reading

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Trump and the “Johnson Amendment”

Donald Trump recently made it part of his campaign platform to allow churches the ability to speak for/against candidates and freely engage in political lobbying. Many things…often conflicting things…tumble from Mr. Trumps lips and we’ve no way of knowing whether this is … Continue reading

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Criticizing Faith vs Criticizing the Faithful

Not long ago, my Google news feed was seeing frequent references to an exchange between actor/director Ben Affleck and neuroscientist Sam Harris when both appeared on the popular HBO show “Real Time with Bill Maher”. I suspect that this recent … Continue reading

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Reviewing Pascal’s Wager

Many cite “Pascal’s Wager” in their arguments for belief, but the argument has some real issues. Continue reading

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Truth Matters

I maintain that truth matters…a lot. There should not be too much controversy in such a statement, right? …but what IS truth? How do we define truth? How do we vet truth? How do we identify that which is UN-true? … Continue reading

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Who Has Moral Authority?

I have long felt that being a good person is the most important trait that a person can possess. If you are not good to other people, it doesn’t matter much how smart, or strong, or funny, or hard working, … Continue reading

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American Exceptionalism – Not A Fan

We have all heard the term “American Exceptionalism”, but what does it mean? Interpretations vary, but it seems that those that seem to consider it a trait of significant import seem to do so from a hard-right Christian position. Fox … Continue reading

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