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Reviewing Pascal’s Wager

Many cite “Pascal’s Wager” in their arguments for belief, but the argument has some real issues. Continue reading

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Truth Matters

I maintain that truth matters…a lot. There should not be too much controversy in such a statement, right? …but what IS truth? How do we define truth? How do we vet truth? How do we identify that which is UN-true? … Continue reading

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Who Has Moral Authority?

I have long felt that being a good person is the most important trait that a person can possess. If you are not good to other people, it doesn’t matter much how smart, or strong, or funny, or hard working, … Continue reading

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American Exceptionalism – Not A Fan

We have all heard the term “American Exceptionalism”, but what does it mean? Interpretations vary, but it seems that those that seem to consider it a trait of significant import seem to do so from a hard-right Christian position. Fox … Continue reading

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Abortion – Nobody Is Wrong

The recent Hobby Lobby ruling on contraception has motivated me to take a stab at the topic of abortion. I am not one to avoid contentious topics, but the topic of abortion seems a tough nut to crack. It’s a … Continue reading

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This Land Is Mine (a dark history of the middle-east)

[Note: The opinions expressed here are the author’s own and are not necessarily shared by individuals, companies or municipalities with which he might be affiliated] Recent events between the Israelis and Palestinians have further cemented my contention that expecting long-term … Continue reading

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