Why Evolution Is True w/ Jerry Coyne (condensed video)

In my experience, few who speak against evolution actually have any breadth of knowledge on just how much evidence there is for evolution.  It is very easy to not gain knowledge of a scientific topic.  It is far harder to get an in-depth understanding of a scientific thesis.

In an attempt to create one of the more easily digestible nuggets on the broad evidences for evolution, I have edited a video of a lecture given by Jerry Coyne (author of Why Evolution is True and a blog by the same name.  Here I clipped introductions, jokes, gaffs, glitches and pauses greater than one second.  I then sped it up by 50% for a tidy [Facebook friendly] 20 minute primer on the broad evidences for evolution.  And this is just a primer.  Read any number of book on evolution such as Dawkin’s The Greatest Show on Earth or Coyne’s book Why Evolution Is True and you will be exhausted at just how much jaw-dropping evidence is there.


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